Going to need a breather before saving the world!

January 15th, 2015

Hi Ragnarollers!

Hey guys putting off Ragnarok is hard work, it looks like our groups going to have to take the rest of January of for a little bit of Hiatus. We’ll be back in February, just  keep an eye on our facebook page or creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com and I’ll send a heads up once were back up. Also we were thinking of running a second group maybe of mixed group or pantheons or a smaller group of Demi-Gods, please let us know what you think?

Also the Creative Play and Podcast Network is now on Patreon to support all of our podcasts:


There are very real costs associated with keeping our podcast going. We need to pay for everything from server space to new equipment to a seemingly endless supply of M&M and Coke.

We’re tinkering with the rewards please let us know what rewords you would enjoy for being our Patron!


Sith game from Creative play and podcast network

January 8th, 2015

HI Ragnarok and Rollers!

 Sorry family needs and things have come up this week so well be missing this weeks episode but I promise will make up for it with some extra things for you next week :)

Please keep up the reviews, feedback and as always thank you for your support and feedback!

Sith of the Old Republic- part one:

December 25th, 2014

Sith of the Old Republic part one:
Merry Sith-mas!

Well be playing Force and Destiny but set in the Old Republic cold War Era!
the groups asked to play as members of the Sith Empire, join Gary ( Lord Thrain) , zander (Lord Maliki Shepard), Kerrie (Lord Tra'zara) and Kellie (Lt. Tavis Locke) and I as we Div into the Dark side.
Please excuse our breaks for power/rule checks as this is our first time with these characters.

I Think the group really like the game system by the end!

"Please no active lightsaabers in flight"
"This is really the first time I've rolled......A TRIUMPH!"
"Do you smell burnt fur?"

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Updates on our podcasts and all in just 5 months since our first one!

January 7th, 2015


I hope everyone’s had a great New Year hopefully full of fun, family and gaming and maybe a little drinking (SKOL’)! The CPPN households have been abuzz with projects, gaming and holiday cheer!

 Creative play and podcast network: Number of current plays-  632 plays

We had a great time at the running of part two and three of our Sith game set in the Cold war era in the Old Republic era, we had  fun getting Sithy with it and will be posting it as our Third Sithi-isode on the CPPN podbean site this week !

 Ragnarok and Roll: Number of current plays- 5,562

Looks like Itunes is still cutting off some of the earlier podcasts but we’ll keep them up on our host site Podbean! The group will be doing research on the Fear boar, Trixies new Quest she was Cursed with.

DnD Journey of the fifth edition: Number of current plays-  15,464!

Today we have a new episode up for D&D Journey of the Fifth edition, the Unlikely fellowship are in finding a new ally joining in their Destiny!

WoW! We blasted past 15K plays! Thank you guys for listening, please keep the feedback coming the group really likes it!

Also if you haven’t had a chance please help others find us on iTunes and

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D&D Journey of the Fifth Edition

Ragnarok & Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok story

Creative Play and Podcast Network

Let us know what you think of our podcasts its been a great 5 months since our first podcast we'd just like to say thank you for your listening, your support and please keep shooting us any suggestions of games you’d like to hear us play, currently discussions being tossed around are adding one of the following games to the network: Fate/Dresden files RPG, Unhallowed Metropolis, Age of Rebellion/Edge of Empire/Force and Destiny                      



The Icelandic Sagas begin: Chapter Tweleve: Talk of Christmas lists and naughty and nice!

January 1st, 2015

The Icelandic Sagas begin: Chapter Tweleve: Talk of Christmas lists and naughty and nice!

Welcome to Ragnarok and Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok a story and podcast of Epic Adventure.

Join us as we play whitewolfs Scion RPG

Join our  Band of Scions:  Bryn (Sandy, Aka mom), Frost (Trevor Aka Baby), Thora (Kerrie) and Trixie (Kellie) & Kane (Dan) Follow the group as they talk to a 'Rock' of a different grade and upgrade to Legend 4! Lets see some awesome powers start to surface in the game as the group spends thier exp.

'Ya laugh it up FROST!'
Their is those rumors that Odin is Santa Clause'
'The Dwarves know exactly where...'
'I did not realize you were still recording...'
'Fans Email us what you want Frost to spend his Experiancepoints on?'

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