The Honeymoon cruise for Two: Chapter Thirteen- Day 7-11 Breaking up is hard to do…

July 16th, 2015

Welcome back to Ragnarok and Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok a story and podcast of Epic Adventure.

Join us as we play whitewolfs Scion RPG

Join our  Band of Scions:  Bryn (Sandy, Aka mom), Thora (Kerrie), Trixie (Kellie), Lt. Frost (Trevor) and Kane (Dan). Follow The group as The Band visits a 900 year old Monastery.

'sort of like modern developments in the U.S.'
'your still hot, your just muscular and hot!'
'I'll spend the legend for the perfect dress'
'you made it all about Bryan, now its all about you!'
'its a healthy relationship...he's still alive.'
'Ocean eleven with Fairies'


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