Interview with John Paul Ried, Game Master and Writer of The Medford Family Chronicles

April 25th, 2017

 “I love D&D!”

Author’s Bio of John Paul Ried



John Paul Ried grew up in Upper Montclair New Jersey and moved to Phoenix, Arizona

in 2013. He has taught both college level history and English classes at Essex County College in

Newark NJ and Illinois Central College in Peoria IL. Mr. Ried also has taught Special Education

classes in public schools in both Kentucky and Nevada. He has three Masters Degrees and

multiple certifications.



Mr. Ried has an extensive professional fundraising background for non-profit

organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation and the Boy Scouts of America. Currently


Mr. Ried is CEO of Palamaran Adventures LLC which markets and distributes his fantasy fiction

books. He is also Chairman and Founder of the Arizona Fantasy Gaming Association (AFGA).

Since 1975, Mr. Ried continually plays many editions of Advanced Dungeons and

Dragons and Pathfinder. In his books, he has brought to life his Campaign World for his readers

to enjoy. His first book, “Reckless Ambitions: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume 1,” was

published by AZ Publishing LLC in May 2015. Mr. Ried’s second book “Capricious Deities:



The Medford Family Chronicles Volume II, was published in December 2015. The third book in

the series, “Pivotal Ruckus: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume III,” was published in

August 2016. Book IV – “Academic Mayhem: The Medford Family Chronicles Volume IV,” is

being written now.



He draws inspiration from his very demanding cat named Enalan. Along with his writing,

Mr. Ried also enjoys attending Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions and has met hundreds of imaginative

and interesting people such as Isaac Asimov, Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman, Terry Ferrell,

and Penn and Teller (Rebo and Zooty).




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We’ve been silent too long!

April 1st, 2017

Hey Guys, its been tooooooooo long since we've gamed and podcasted with you all! So its been painful trying to get the group together between new jobs, health issues and well life in general! I've been wondering if we should startup a new group of Scions and what your opinions of that would be or if their was some ther game you think could fit in here on the podcast. I'vebeen told Gods of the Fall or Savage Rifts might be good place holders, but of course I'm wondering what you guys think! I'm still trying to get some of the group together to do a Prequel Viking era story that is back story to the Demigods mission but well see how that works out.

I'llput up a poll on the Patreon site that everyone can vote on!




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