An Auction for Heart and Soul: Chapter One- Welcome to the Gresham palace!

August 27th, 2015

Welcome back to Ragnarok and Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok a story and podcast of Epic Adventure. Join us as we play whitewolfs Scion RPGBasilisk.jpg

Join our  Band of Scions:  Bryn (Sandy, Aka mom), Thora (Kerrie), Trixie (Kellie) and Kane (Dan). The group steps into a new and awkward situation.

'I ain't telling you?'
'We just had to clean up your mess.'
'You dropped him hard!'
'You were cold!'
'If we can see through the mist!'
'I can say it because it's true!'
'WELCOME, Welcome to the Gresham palace?'
'He was Barking at me!'
'There's a lot of legend around here!'
'Oh, their fond of Xena.'

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