Hi all you Ragnarollers out there!

September 18th, 2014

Well we just posted our last chapter to the second story of our Band on Scions, the group has been tested and challenged, brought together and fought alone, met a foe who’s become an ally and a Scion who serves the titans. Next Thor’s day well be posting some behind the scenes clips. Along with some of our Scions Visitation story’s, the origin story’s if you will. Of the divine parent arriving and turning their then mortal into a divinely powered Icor blooded tool of fate and godly whims. Also I’d like to let you know we have our website up, the ‘Creative play and podcast networks under construction but up and having more content added daily. Prepare for the next Story heading our Scions way, here are a few teasers to get your Icor flowing: Iceland, Giants, a titan war machine and the themes of enduring hardship and loyalty! 


If your interested were still looking for more questions for our upcoming Scion Questions and Answers show, please send all questions to: Scionherotogod@outlook.com or creativeplaypodcastnet@gmail.com 


Also if your in the Tucson area this Oct, some of our merry band will be attending RinCon (Oct 10th -12th) , TusCon (Oct 31st--Nov 2nd) and Tucson Comicon (Nov 8th-9th)