Of loose ends and Visitations…

September 25th, 2014

Of loose ends and Visitations...

NPC Spotlight Two

The following takes place first between The Long way the Ocean city: Chapter Two and Three then after the previously played recording The Long way the Ocean city: Chapter Three after Trixie used Nick's phone then headed to meet the other members of the band for the first time at the Ocean city docks. Again our Mysterious Antagonist appears (some previously play recording at the beginning to set the stage)

Visitation Stories

Visitation Stories: Thora, Dauther of Thunder and lightning then  Trixie in Taps and Trix.

NPC Spotlight Three

The following takes place after A Godly Thing: Chapter Five: We’re sunk at the Sindia.Lucas our now uncovered Scion of Loki who serves some other than his father and Ophelia, the Daughter of Odin who's sense of neutrality is a lie as their borrowed Harbor patrol boat pulls away from the Bands romantic themed ship over the ruins of the Sindia. This takes place after Lucas's toast and departure. 

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