Our Scion Valentines day special: Hel have no fury like an Eos scorned!

February 24th, 2018


Part Two of Two of our holiday one shot!

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On this special day love in all its forms flourishes across the world of mortals thanks to the actions of a certain scion of Aphrodite who two millennia ago insisted in the divine right of sharing love and bringing all couples together.

On this day to celebrate that saint and scion, the goddess Aphrodite sheds off her divinity to come to the mortal plane and serve as the goddess's priestess at the Chapel of divine love in Las Vegas, Nevada and then traditionally heads to the City of Love. In Paris she goes to complete an act of divine love to refresh and worship all the virtues of love among the mortals and usually concluding with the consummation of a future scion...but not this day.

This day something is different, something is wrong... 

Something has held Aphrodite from her normal rituals. Worse something is wrong in the mortal plane! Some dark effect, obviously of Titan origin is darkening and cursing the earthly virtues of love (as reflected in most notably Expression and Loyalty) with extreme reflections of the Titans Dark Virtues of Ambition, Malice, Rapacity and Zealotry.

The Band is being  assembled…

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