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January 8th, 2015

HI Ragnarok and Rollers!

 Sorry family needs and things have come up this week so well be missing this weeks episode but I promise will make up for it with some extra things for you next week :)

Please keep up the reviews, feedback and as always thank you for your support and feedback!

Sith of the Old Republic- part one:

December 25th, 2014

Sith of the Old Republic part one:
Merry Sith-mas!

Well be playing Force and Destiny but set in the Old Republic cold War Era!
the groups asked to play as members of the Sith Empire, join Gary ( Lord Thrain) , zander (Lord Maliki Shepard), Kerrie (Lord Tra'zara) and Kellie (Lt. Tavis Locke) and I as we Div into the Dark side.
Please excuse our breaks for power/rule checks as this is our first time with these characters.

I Think the group really like the game system by the end!

"Please no active lightsaabers in flight"
"This is really the first time I've rolled......A TRIUMPH!"
"Do you smell burnt fur?"

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