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Thursday Jan 21, 2016

Who are the Hoddmimis holt Foundation? where are the Lif and Lifbrasir facilities? What are their true plans?

Are you ready to Watch OVERWATCH!

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

Join us tomorrow to see OVERWATCH! Filmed entirely in Tucson using only local artists and Directed by our friends Christopher Carter and Jessica Morgan, Overwatch stars Taylor Plecity in a post-apocalyptic thriller where a virus has turned billions into blood-thirsty infected that prey on the living. A small group of survivors, having lost everything, band together as they try to navigate the morality of this new world while struggling to find reasons to keep fighting for their own lives...(Dir. by Christopher Carter and Jessica Morgan, 2015, USA, 105 mins., Rated R ) http://overwatchmovie.com/

New Gods: the Shadow Report

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

Who is the voice on the Recording? Who has the abilities to observe the group? what is 'The Cause'? What does it mean for the Band?Let us know your thoughts? Scion questions survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YGR995Sand also check out our general Survey for the CPPN: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KXHSCFL

Thursday Jan 14, 2016

2 GM's and a player review 'How to Game Master lie a fucking Boss!A Solid 16 on the D20 scale!  Click the cover to see it on Amazon! 

Thursday Jan 07, 2016

Awkward Family moments...As Trixie parties like its the night before Ragnarok, she runs into more awkward family moments.....

Thursday Dec 24, 2015

Character Spotlight: Thora, A bright beacon in a cold world.

Tuesday Dec 22, 2015

Join us as we have the ladies sing our version of the 12 Days of Christmas!.... and we sit together and chat.

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

In Honor of a week till the new Star Wars experience is released we're linking our other Star wars podcast episodes form the Creative play and podcast networks podcast site:http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.podbean.com/e/sith-of-the-old-republic-part-one-1419513879/This one shot game is six episodes long where we used the new Force and Destiny book to play Sith set in the old Republic!December 25th, 2014Sith of the Old Republic part one:Merry Sith-mas!Well be playing Force and Destiny but set in the Old Republic cold War Era!the groups asked to play as members of the Sith Empire, join Gary ( Lord Thrain) , Zander (Lord Maliki Shepard), Kerrie (Lord Trizara) and Kellie (Lt. Tavis Locke) and I as we Div into the Dark side. Please excuse our breaks for power/rule checks as this is our first time with these characters.I Think the group really like the game system by the end!Quote:"Please no active lightsaabers in flight""This is really the first time I've rolled......A TRIUMPH!""Do you smell burnt fur?"

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

In Honor of a week till the new Star Wars experience is released we're linking our other Star wars podcast episodes form the Creative play and podcast networks podcast site:http://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.podbean.com/e/edge-of-empire-scum-and-villainy-chapter-one-outlaw-station/The First eight Episodes are up with more released bi-weekly!May 4th, 2015Edge of Empire: Scum and Villainy- Chapter One: Outlaw Station. May the 4th be with you!We are playing Edge of Empire! May the Fourth be with you. Join Gary (Mire Crystal, a Chiss Gunslinger) , Zander (Pugga the Hutt, a Hutt Hired Gun),Kellie (Ovasu Salva, the Twi'lek Smuggler) and I as we start a Edge of Empire campaign in a galaxy far far away....I Think the group really likes the game system, Email us what you questions and comments: creativeplaypodcastnet@gmail.comhttp://creativeplayandpodcastnetwork.com/Part two will be up next Monday, then bi-weekly after that. Quote: 'this is a Murder Killer Gunfight'

Thursday Dec 10, 2015

With the conclusion of our last adventure our hero's Divine Icor has ignited and they are full fledged Demi-Gods now increasing in power and legend! We also cover how the worlds changed with 'the Heart of Winter' calling out to the JotansHammer and the sundering of an extensive 'Tiny Town' under Fargo, ND!
Happy Holidays!
In Norse mythology, Fimbulvetr (or fimbulvinter), commonly rendered in English as Fimbulwinter, is the immediate prelude to the events of Ragnarök. It simply means ''Mighty Winter".
as as a side note: In Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other Nordic countries, the term fimbulvinter is still used to refer to an unusually cold and harsh winter.

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